Via: Gundam Seed: Lacus Clyne 04

Gundam Seed: Lacus Clyne 04

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gundam seed cosplay - lacus clyne by astellecia

Beneath the veil of starry sky
As cold as winter’s darkest night
It’s there you’ll sleep, silent and deep
You’re all alone

A single prayer’s soft melody
Across the lonely silent fields
A little light begins to shine, it shines on and on

I watched you as you so peacefully dreamed
You laughed like a child, happy and care free
It’s so familiar and yet so far
That’s the future is promised for you and me

One day on a green and shining morn
One day we will finally make through
Cause in this sky, so dark with winter
We still have to believe that it’s true
Fields of hope
“Fields of Hope” (English Dub)
Lyrics by Anime Lyrics

You might recognize the cosplayer for today’s feature! She is Astellecia, whose cosplay was featured for the 2011 Charity Cosplay Calendar! If you like her work, be sure to support her on Deviant Art! Thanks to Lara for sending this in!

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July 12, 2016 at 04:08AM