Via: Japan’s VR porn festival canceled due to overcrowding

Japan’s VR porn festival canceled due to overcrowding

Virtual reality is amazing. With the new technology, we’re able to able to travel to far off places, experience video games in completely new ways, and interact with others in ways we never have before. Because of how new the technology still is, we still haven’t even begun to discover all of the new industries just waiting to be revolutionized.

One of the more interesting uses we have begun to develop however, is the immense immersion and interactivity of virtual reality porn.

The VR porn market is taking off fast. Pornhub has already developed a virtual reality section for their site, and many entrepreneurs are working fast to develop third party accessories to compliment this new content. Japan in particular is hard at work creating these new contraptions, and have even gone as far as putting on a festival directly oriented at the subject.

While the coordinators were probably only expecting a few dozen people to attend the event, the entrance quickly became immensely overcrowded, with thousands of people looking to get in on the action. With this many people in such a small space, local authorities determined that it was too dangerous to continue, and ended up only admitting the first 20 or so people at the front of the line. Even though there were not an incredible amount of vendors showcasing their new products at the event, press along with many other people were excited to get a look at the new products.

Most of the hardware showcased was extremely experimental, and certainly not at all ready for consumer release. That being said, there were a few products that looked like they could be very popular once they do make a more widespread release.

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July 6, 2016 at 06:05AM