Via: Raising workforce morale, Infocult style

Raising workforce morale, Infocult style

A South Korean company runs a very Gothic team-building exercise.  Employees role-play their own deaths, complete with filling out wills and climbing into coffins.

Dressed in white robes, [staff from a recruitment company ]sit at desks and write final letters to their loved ones. Tearful sniffling becomes open weeping, barely stifled by the copious use of tissues.

And then, the climax: they rise and stand over the wooden coffins laid out beside them. They pause, get in and lie down. They each hug a picture of themselves, draped in black ribbon.

South Korea coffins BBC

As they look up, the boxes are banged shut by a man dressed in black with a tall hat. He represents the Angel of Death. Enclosed in darkness, the employees reflect on the meaning of life.

Every day, the world becomes more Infocult.

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July 5, 2016 at 03:42AM