Via: This ‘Dark Crystal’ Garthim Cosplay Is Monstrously Good

This ‘Dark Crystal’ Garthim Cosplay Is Monstrously Good


Cosplayer Ryan Wells specializes in the unusual. In the past he’s cosplayed as characters as varied as Hoggle from Labyrinth, an Arachnid Warrior Bug from Starship Troopers, and Skeksis from Dark Crystal. His latest creation is another creature from Jim Henson’s cult classic – the Garthim.

There’s video too, so you can see this creation in motion. Trust us when we say that it cranks up the creep factor. You can also see it in person if you’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con next week – Wells has already confirmed he’ll be wearing the costume there.

Check out the video, and photos of Wells’ other cosplay creations below.


[Photo: Beat Down Boogie]


[Photo: Jeff Hinds]


[Photo: Morning Star Creative Group]


[Photo: Jeff Hinds]

(via Kotaku Cosplay, Top photo credit: Jeff Hinds)

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July 15, 2016 at 03:31AM