Via: Pokemon porn searches rocket up as much as 336%

Pokemon porn searches rocket up as much as 336%

Pokemon porn searches rocket up as much as 336% screenshot

Pokemon Go, absent other big releases and cashing in on the ennui-staving nostalgia of the 25-to-35-year-old demographic, has blown up to be this month’s Overwatch, albeit with 20 years of brand recognition behind it. Naturally more people are looking for Pokemon porn, too.

It’s not the rapid 817% rise that Overwatch saw around beta time. But "Pornhub," which I am told is one of many webpages that offer a portal to adult video entertainment, is reporting that "Pokemon" searches on the webpage are up 136% since Pokemon Go‘s July 6 release. They’ve also made the most disgusting photoshop I’ve ever seen of an unnerved Pikachu pulling pud. That number swells when you isolate demographics, though. Sure, men are 62% more likely to look for Pokeporn than women, and Android users are 51% more likely.

Things get really turgid with the 18-to-24-year-old demographic, though. Pokemon porn searches among the group are up 336%. Given the Gardevoir fascination on this webpage, I was figuring these searches were all some of y’all.

However! Pokemon porn searches are proportionately more popular throughout Central and South America — Bolivia is tops. Latin America does love its anime. You may remember that the Overwatch porn was huge in South Korea, Belarus, Russia, and Poland. America prefers more wholesome porn searches like "teen" and "step mom."

Twitter’s ZhugeEX also noted over the weekend that "pokemon go" has surpassed "porn" on Google.

Enjoy, horn dogs! Also, remember?

Pokemon Porn Searches [PHI]

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July 12, 2016 at 11:54AM