Via: Get Leon’s ‘Resident Evil 4’ Jacket For $1,300, You Lunatic

Get Leon’s ‘Resident Evil 4’ Jacket For $1,300, You Lunatic


Like it or not, the affect that Resident Evil 4 had on the survival-horror genre is undeniable. It shifted the Resident Evil franchise away from fetch quests and towards a more action-oriented direction, which in turn had a knock-on effect on other genre staples such as Silent Hill. Arguably, neither franchise has properly recovered over the last decade.

But hey, clothes! Those are neat, right? Remember that leather jacket worn by Leon S. Kennedy for like seventeen goddamn seconds at the beginning of RE4? Well now you can own one of your very own! That is, of course, provided you have about $1,300 (or, in actuality, 129,600 yen) to drop on what looks to be a very run-of-the-mill leather jacket, because yikes.

This should be a fun one for cosplayers to pick apart – to my casual eye, the jacket looks to be a decent approximation, but I wouldn’t describe it as “screen-accurate,” insofar as a jacket form a video game can be screen-accurate. The pockets look wrong, the trim and collar lining looks too thick, and the coloring is off. I’d be fascinated to read a more detailed breakdown of this jacket compared to the in-game model.

Famitsu reports that the jacket will drop in Japan this November.





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July 8, 2016 at 03:30AM