Via: Boobs are perfect safety devices, men determine

Boobs are perfect safety devices, men determine

Two men: trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield and road safety engineer David Logan. One idea: boobs are a great safety device. The logic? Boobs.

Sculptor Patricia Piccinini consulted with these two when she created "Graham," a mutant doll who represents what humankind might look like if it evolved to be able to withstand severe car accidents. Understandably Graham’s head is much larger, to keep his brain from getting jostled. Also understandably, he has a flat face with lots of fat surrounding his features — minimizing the chances of a broken nose. He has hoof-like feet and super flexible knees that bend in every direction. These adjustments would make it easier for him to spin or leap out of trouble in the event of a crash. Cool!

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July 21, 2016 at 11:32AM