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Okay, so I absolutely love the legend of Zelda. It is my favourite game franchise ever. I’ve been wanting to do a LOZ related book for ages and I finally got around to doing it!

Started in the usual way with the sewing up. I tried punching my holes this time instead of sawing them. One massive advantage of sawing over punching is that the kettle stitches on the ends will lie flat against the back of the spine. With punching they’re proud.
Anyhoo, check out the awesome shadows cast over the book ❤

This was the base of the design. The modified Hyrule Royal crest with honeycomb (hexagons for the win!) Everything here is on the same level. I had difficulties cutting this one out since my machine is playing up so I only made one book instead of the expected two.

This is the second level added. It has the borders of the frames and the Royal Crest now standing higher than the honeycomb. I also added a nice thick, bevelled border around everything.

And here is the back cover done in the same method.

To make everything a) “pop” more and b) actually fully form when the leather is put on the cover, I bevelled the borders and reduced the drops where the crest met the frame.

Okay, back to the book guts. Making the hinges. I put mull over the spine and then glued cardboard to the undersides.

I then glued denim cloth into the dips on either side of the tapes. I left the bits up the top clear so I could sew the endbands on.

On the back of the covers I marked out where the hinges would sit and cut a shallow recess that would accommodate the thicker than usual hinge.

After gluing the covers on it was time for the headbands. I wanted to have a yellow colour change just in the middle so I marked out the two centre signatures with some cardboard.

And this is how it turned out. Waxed embroidery thread can be buffed once it’s done so it looks all shiny and metallic.

One thing that I’ve found works really well when sticking thick cardboard to a rounded surface is to first use a tacky glue. You want to apply a thin layer to both surfaces and let it dry a bit until it is not “wet” feeling.

This way they stick almost instantly and doesn’t pull away from each other.

Since I do a laminated fold spine, a good way to make sure everything is adhered properly is that when you’re done glueing, you get a strip of strong leather and run it over the spine, pulling downwards as you go. Gives a nice smooth curve.

Then finally you need to trim the spine to length and you’re ready for your leather.

I hand dyed some veg tanned leather a nice mottled green to represent the glorious canopy of the lost woods. I’d love to a glorious blue for Lake Hylia one day.

This is the leather all wet and halfway pressed into the raised design.

All that is left after finishing defining the pattern is turning in overhang and pasting down the end pages I’m done!

FINISHED! This thing is so green! I’m so in love with how it turned out. I learned a lot and I hope the end result shows it.

Okay, so this is fully intended to be a sketchbook. It is A4 landscape and it has 160 pages of 110gsm Canson brand art paper. 

I’ll post a few larger images up on my Facebook page so if you want to see them feel free to head over and check them out!

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