Via: Giant, Realistic Cat Head Helmets Are All Kinds Of Adjectives

Giant, Realistic Cat Head Helmets Are All Kinds Of Adjectives


If you’ve ever wanted to be… well, not a cat, but a person with a giant cat head (which is an odd desire, but no judgement from us!) then Japanese artist Housetsu Sato is starting to sell those realistic cat head helmets we featured last year. He partnered with Japanese store Dwango to sell the helmets but, be warned—they ain’t cheap.

Each head is hand-made, taking about a month to fabricate, and features unique markings much as a real cat would. They’re made from wool and so are soft to the touch, and they can even make one based on an actual cat if you send in a photo.

Ah, but the price! They cost 648,000 yen, or approximately $6,220 US. That’s quite a log of wonga, so you’d better really want to look like a cat if you’re going to drop that kind of money. Check out more photos of the helmets below.








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July 30, 2016 at 05:00AM