Via: Suicide Squad Philippines [Group Cosplay]

Suicide Squad Philippines [Group Cosplay]


Our friend Izabel Cortez has expanded upon her outstanding Harley Quinn cosplay to include an entire Suicide Squad. Check out more pics and a video below.






The Joker – Xidge Sparrow
Harley Quinn – Izabel Cortez
Captain Boomerang – John Mark Royale Tizon
Katana – Daihne Cortes
Enchantress – Daph Cortes
Colonel Rick Flag – Fred Viñas
Deadshot – Raymart Reyes
Killer Croc – Dan Reysoma
El Diablo – Myke Dela Paz
Amanda Waller – Annabelle Ceñir

Group Photos by Winky Dionisio

Killer Croc mask by Cyback Metafusion Design

You can check out pics of the individual characters here.

via FashionablyGeek

August 8, 2016 at 03:30AM

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