Via: Wear Dany’s Dragon Jewelry From ‘Game Of Thrones’

Wear Dany’s Dragon Jewelry From ‘Game Of Thrones’


Yesterday we shared this gorgeous GemFire ring worn by Cersei in the Game Of Thrones season six finale. Today we have more pieces of jewelry either inspired by or worn on Game of Thrones by Mey Designs.

If you want a replica of one of their GoT show worn designs, they have the winged and wingless versions of Dany’s Drogon choker from the end of season 5 and the beginning of season 6. They also have replicas of her Dragon Storm hand wrap and Flight neck cuff. Or you can get a GoT-inspired piece like their Dragon Egg line or Armour line.

All of the pieces are beautiful and definitely worth looking at just for the “shiny things” value. Check out more designs below.

drogon choker no wings worn

drogon choker no wings

drogon choker wings worn

drogon choker wings








Mey Designs Game Of Thrones Jewelry (Prices Vary)

via FashionablyGeek

July 7, 2016 at 03:00AM

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